100 Colls: The most addictive motorbike challenge in catalonia


100COLLS is all about strategy, planning and moto tourism event for a weekend, from Friday to Sunday. You choose your starting point, create your itinerary, your pace and the kilometers you want to ride, the goal is to reach a common point proposed by the organization on Sunday at a specific time and add the maximum of possible points. The organization will provide you with a list of Catalan cols (mountain passes) and their score. It’s about getting as many points as possible!



Get to know the territory better, riding on secondary roads and finding shortcuts, discovering the culture, landscapes and life of the towns and villages we will cross along the route.


The 100 Colls challenges each participant to further develop their riding experience and skills, a sense of personal responsibility and a sense of orientation to connect the cols successively and get the highest score.

 Dates and time

The event will take place from Friday, April 28 at 13:00 h 2023 until Sunday, April 30 at 13:00h 2023. Departure is at free will in between these dates and times. Check the regulations for schedules and safety stops.


The 100 Colls is aimed at real bikers who want to apply their experience by planning the best route available, and at the same time being aware of their personal limits and those of their bike to achieve their own challenge. 

It can be ridden individually, with or without a passenger, or as a team.

Colls (crossing points)

The crossing points identified as such in the list that we will give you with your registration will be considered cols. Create your route and strategy to get as many points across as many cols as you can.

Set up your team and start preparing the best strategy!


The route is not defined by the organization, it is the route you will follow from the starting point you have chosen to the arrival in Món Sant Benet, and it will be completely free; you design your own route according to your own criteria.

In order to maintain the spirit of adventure, for fair play it is recommended not to use motorways or expressways along the route or, in any case, to minimize their use as much as possible.

control device

Each of you will have a satellite control and tracking device, which will give you your position at all times for the next 48 hours.
We’ll send this device home a few days before departure, along with the participation kit and instructions to activate it before your departure.

The tracking device has to be off during 23:00-6:00 h


The starting point is the place you choose, it can be your home front door or the meeting point with your friends, you only need to notify the organization in advance in order to detect your computer.

You can choose your departure time, as long as it is after 13:00 on Friday noon. If you finish work long after this time, no problem, take the opportunity to make the cols (mountain passes) closer to you. You can go back home to sleep if you want, or approach the area where you see more possibilities, and overnight there to start early the next day.

You must recall that in case you are a team, all the members of the team must leave from the same point and at the same time!


Navigation is free, you can not use any navigation system during your itinerary, or use the navigation system that is most convenient for you: satellite navigation, maps, or even make your own Road Book.


accomModation and meals

Since you are creating the itinerary yourself, you can choose where to sleep: you can return home every day in the evening or sleep anywhere on the route you have chosen. It can be a country house or a 5-star hotel – decide the style you want to give to your experience!


On Sunday at 13:00 we are waiting for you in Sant Benet de Bages .

With the registration you have a meal at the Restaurant of Món Sant Benet to share among all your experiences and adventures, and get the reward that proves that you are true Masters 100Colls for having achieved your challenge!

Plan your arrival well and be alert with the deadline!



  1. Identification numbers and sticker kits.
  2. Welcome cocktail.
  3. Lunch on arrival at Món Sant Benet Restaurant.
  4. Commemorative gift.
  5. Participation diploma and awards depending on the position in the classification.
  6. Additional prizes based on the collaboration of sponsors and collaborators.
  7. Complete list of the 100Colls.
  8. Rental of control equipment.


  1. Refundable deposit of €50.00 by the control team.
  2. All items not specified as included.